Saturday, March 1, 2008

What If God was one of THEM??

Since the beginning of civilization and even beyond, humans have been worshiping "God Almighty". Numerous religions have countless stories of "gods" descending on earth from the skies. We have been worshiping the "Divine Light" since eternity. But what if this Divine theory was taken literally?

Ancient Astronauts, are believed to be those extraterrestrials who visited our planet and communicated with humans (then not more developed than animals) to a great extent. There are so many references of these entities in Holy books like Bible, in ancient art and artifacts and all the mythological stories. Do the stories in the Bible and other sacred texts speak of GODS or Extraterrestrials.

(The following information is taken from various sources)

All creative myths speak of Gods and Goddesses who came to Earth in some sort of magical scenario, or riding in chariots of fire, and creating a race called Humans. Most of these myths refer to their primary God as a Sun God meaning from the Light [male] and a moon Goddess [female]as all things in or reality are bipolar in design, duality, sacred geometry. In Egypt this God was called Ra, Re, Ray of Light. These gods flew in space ships and were therefore looked upon as ancient astronauts. The Bible speaks of the Hebrew word 'Elohim', meaning 'God' or 'those who came from the sky'. Genesis Chapter 1:26, states 'And God said, let us make man in our own image, after our likeness'. This quote still uses the plural 'us' rather than the singular 'I', suggesting that God was not a single entity, as many of us have been brought up and conditioned to believe.

Now in so many cave arts and carvings, images of "gods" resemble a modern day alien so much. Several hundred such drawings exist, scattered over many miles of desert. Strange helmeted beings and figures with antennae, often floating in weightlessness as if the artist of the primitive age had been able to witness one of our modern space walks. For example -

This image is from north Africa. The being seems to have a space helmet on.

This Image is from Utah, 500 B.C.

This image of 2 Helmeted beings is from Van Comonic, Italy, 10000 B.C.

So this was just a drop from the sea of ancient carvings and paintings which still exists. Then again there comes the question of certain architecture of the ancient times.

The smooth-walled pyramids at Giza. Hancock and Bauval (1996) suggest that the �ground plan� of the three great pyramids was physically established in 10,500 BC, but that the pyramids were built around 2,500 BC. This supports the notion that the pyramid base rock with its underground chamber was an early AA terminal, and the Sphinx was the associated landmark easily identified from space. The Great Pyramid of Cheops: ��consists of 2.5 million stones 1 to 40 tons each. It takes a 300 hp diesel engine and hydraulic lifter to pick up a 7 ton granite slab. The biggest blocks at Giza weighed 200 tons. The biggest blocks at Tiahuanaco weighed 400 tons

Peru: The ancient Nazca Lines comprise hundreds of enormous ground drawings etched into the high desert landscape of Peru which consist primarily of geometric shapes, but also include depictions of a variety of animals and at least one human. Many supporters of this theory cite the Nazca Lines as evidence because the figures created by the lines are most clearly depicted or only able to be seen when viewed from the air. Writing professor Joe Nickell of the University of Kentucky, using only technology he believed to be available to people of the time, was able to recreate one of the larger figures with a reasonable degree of accuracy.

Of course we have many skeptical theories which shun the whole idea of Extraterrestrials and their existence and visit to our planet. Neither the Divine theory nor the Ancient astronauts theory have complete evidences and proof to build a strong platform of their existence. But for centuries we have had blind faith in the Divine theory.

But what if we shun our faith for a moment and reason out the existence of "gods" and their existence?

Are we open enough to give this possibility a thought that maybe we have been worshiping not a divine entity but an advance form of life from another world?

And what if the theory of Ancient Astronauts was proven? Would we be ready to face the fact that "god" is non existent after all? Will we be ready to break out of the thousands of centuries old cocoon of faith in "god Almighty"?

Whats your answer?


Lubaid said...

It's too less an evidence to command belief.
On the contrary if you look around with an open mind, there are more reasons to believe In the Almighty - In god.

gabo arora said...

Nice, very nice, both the written content and the other blog of pics...keep it up and I will follow..

Upkaran Gupta said...

Ur article reminds me of the novel I read sometime back “the Chariots of the Gods”, anyways even with that book I was questioning the same belief: to be a god do you have to be capable of producing ‘Miracles’ (a prerequisite for ascendance to sainthood, divinity, angelic, etc….). Why must we demand proof for the existence of life on other worlds when we put all arguments to rest on god existence by quoting “Have Faith My Child”.

Anyways the my best reference to our hunt for intelligent life in outer space has always been “we are still trying to find intelligent life on this Planet”

HA Ha ha….. Just Kidding….. Joy

Anonymous said...

I've been reading about aliens,ufo's and the paranormal for years and years and i've come to the conclusion that ufo's are really paranormal/interdimentional in nature and not visiting from other planets...there's just too many overlapping paranormal elements in so many cases...and a lot of trickery on the "aliens" part.

Anonymous said...

I have thought this was so when I was a kid going to mass with my parents. The first time my parents slapped me for wanting to discuss that gods don't have spaceships or shouldn't need to beam themselves places on earth if they were so special or split oceans or change wine into water..ect..Moses was beamed up to the mountain to get the 10 commandments, I was 7 years old sitting in church for Christmas mass. I figured it out when I couldn't even totally understand what even religion was all about. Now fifty years later, my similar thoughts are on the web! I have gone over and over the bible, and all I have ever gotten out of it was the original documentation of other entities were apparent, but people didn't know what such a thing was,so they decribed it as a god, but now in this decade, people are hanging onto to a history that isn't accurately diagnosed.It is sad to teach our kids a misinterpreted history of our civilization. Even to this day, I don't dare discuss this possiblity with my parents as it is suppose to be this day my parents and grandparents will slap me...the older generation can't even budge on their "old ways of thinking".